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Coaching is part of the Parents At Work program

Coaching is included in the Parents At Work program. Our coaches are specialist human resources and career management practitioners, but more importantly, they are working parents too.

Coaching areas could include:

  • Short and long term career planning
  • Getting ready for parental leave
  • How to stay connected with work whilst on leave
  • Managing and maintaining work relationships
  • Returning to work
  • Negotiating flexible work arrangements
  • Work-life balance
  • Caring and parenting support
  • Childcare

1. Who is best suited to have individual coaching?

  • Each person is different and has different needs in their coaching. Therefore, each coaching session is individually targeted to support that individual.
  • Coaching is suitable for anyone who needs support career or transition support. 
  • People in diverse or complex roles 
  • People needing support in negotiating flexible work arrangements, work-life balance 

2. What benefit can I gain from the individual coaching?

  • Each person will gain something different from their coaching experience

3. What to expect from your coaching session

  • Your coach will discuss your needs with you and clarify your goals. Based on these goals, you will work together to identify and agree on specific outcomes for the coaching session. 
  • Your coach will ask you questions about your current situation and what you see as your options. Your coach will also ask questions to help you clarify what is essential for you to begin exploring options and solutions. Your coach is there to guide and support you. 

4. How do I work with my coach? The coach will:

  • be flexible to meet your needs 
  • listen to your situation 
  • ask questions and coach you through your decision-making process 
  • be independent 
  • support and guide you on what you may need to do to help yourself and build confidence connect you to useful information 
  • discuss the realities of life as a working parent 
  • help you plan and prepare yourself and family for your return to work 
  • maintain privacy 

5. When should I start the coaching?

  • Coaching can be started at anytime but best suited to when you’re about to return to work.

6. Can I have this coaching with my manager/partner/husband?

  • Yes, please discuss this with your individual coach.

7. Who will be my coach?

  • You will be matched to one our coaches

8. Can I have the coaching face-to-face?

  • Yes

9. How does coaching over the phone work?

  • The same as over the phone, availability may be easier to organise with busy schedules of our coaches and your timetables. This can be organised directly with your coach.

10. Is the coaching confidential?

  • Parents At Work takes privacy seriously. What is discussed between you and your career consultant is confidential. We are committed to maintaining your privacy and we comply with the National Privacy Principles (

11. What are the key benefits of individual coaching vs group forums?

  • The group Webinars provide general guidelines, tips and toolkits. The coaching is specific and individual to you and your

12. How many coaching sessions do I get with the 12 month membership?

  • Three formal coaching sessions, but you can contact your coach at anytime via email or phone to raise any questions or if you need additional support.

13. How much notice do I need to provide if I need to cancel a session?

  • Cancelling or postponing your coaching session We understand that things do come up forcing you to re-arrange a coaching meeting.
  • You must notify Parents At Work if you wish to cancel or postpone a coaching meeting as soon as you are aware you won’t be keeping the appointment. Reimbursement for cancellation or re-scheduling an appointment will only be approved if you provide Parents At Work with 24 hours’ notice. The cost of the coaching is covered by your organisation.

14. Who is Parents At Work?

  • a. Launched in 2007, Parents At Work became Australia's first provider of dedicated return to work guidance. This evolved to help organisations to develop family-friendly parental leave support programs and flexible work tools their workplace which we implement and run on behalf of the organisation.
  • As we are providing coaching to working parents these are the 3 key areas that we focus on:

15. Career

  • Returning to work; a new role and conducting a job audit
  • Creating a sustainable career path; managing your short and long term career needs
  • Resetting goals and priorities – personally and professionally
  • Enhancing leadership skills
  • Managing expectations and priorities
  • Creating career resilience

16. Family

  • Integrating or rebalancing work and family
  • Exploring family and life goals
  • Creating work and family rhythms that work for you
  • Ensuring family caring needs are met
  • Managing conflicts
  • Managing expectations of self and others
  • Dealing with changes in identity and shifts in priorities

17. Wellbeing

  • Building resilience and confidence
  • Cultivating a rewarding lifestyle
  • Making time for ‘you’
  • Improving work life happiness
  • Improving flexible work habits
  • Making flexible work, work for you, your manager, your team and your family

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